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Dawg Zebra M4



Dawg Zebra M4

The SEAL Teams issued an M4 to me in my first platoon and I have used this rifle throughout my SEAL career. I now proudly offer you an authentic upgraded version of what I depended on for over thirty years, and which was the standard battle rifle for many Soldiers, Marines, and SEALs. The Dawg Zebra M4 comes standard with a WMD NiB 2x Trigger, MaTech B.U.I.S. Rear Sight, Fostech 2500 Sabre Pistol Grip, Magpul CTR Stock; and Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI) Bolt. You can order a Dawg Zebra M4 in any color you choose, and you can also select from a variety of handguards. I hope you enjoy our M4 as much as I have enjoyed this rifle.

Commander Matt Shipley, USN SEAL, Retired

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